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usukshop Rules about “Return”

Section 1

In terms of offers of selected products made on USUKshop.com with the program banner (“Participating Product”), the seller who participates in this Local Return program (“Program”) shall provide the buyer with a guarantee of a local return without cause (“Service”) according to these rules hereof (“Rules”). For the Participating Products, the seller shall not unilaterally declare that he/she does not support the local return without cause. However, this does not prevent the seller from providing the buyer a return policy superior to the Service.

Section 2

With the Service a buyer can apply for a return and refund of a Participating Product without cause within 15 days from, as the case may be, 1) the date when the buyer confirms receipt of the Participating Product, or 2) the date when the system automatically confirms receipt of the Participating Product after confirming that the Product has been duly delivered, through "open a Dispute" on the USUKSHOP order page if the Participating Product meets the standards of intactness as stipulated in Section 4. After the Participating Product was shipped to the local return warehouse specified by the seller and verified by the warehouse to meet the standards of intactness, buyer may receive the refund from the corresponding seller in accordance with these Rules. If the Participating Product returned by the buyer does not meet the standards of intactness, the local return warehouse specified by the seller will ship such Participating Product to the buyer, with the cost of shipment borne by the buyer. Where the buyer applies for the Service as mentioned above, the buyer shall fill in the shipment tracking number at the “Dispute” page on USUKSHOP. If the local return warehouse specified by the seller does not receive the returned Participating Product within 7 days after buyer submitted shipment tracking number,USUKSHOP shall be entitled to determine liability according to the USUKSHOP rules and protocols.

Section 3

For enjoying the Service, Participating Product returned by the buyer shall meet the standards of intactness as specified below: 1. The Participating Product has remained its original quality and functions. The buyer shall ensure that the returned Participating Product and accompanying accessories (such as tags, manuals, and warranty cards) are complete and remained their original quality and functions, and show no signs of damage or contamination, the anti-counterfeiting mark has not been scraped, any activation/authorization has not been made, and there are no irrevocable traces of usage on the appearance or any traces of unreasonable personal use. 2. The buyer’s opening of package for inspection or testing to verify the Participating Product’s quality and functions is reasonable and does not affect the Participating Product’s intactness. Where any use of a Participating Product by the buyer results in significant devaluation, the returned Participating Product shall be deemed defective and not in line with the standard of intactness. 3. Buyer shall understand that package is an integral part of the Participating Product and consist part of offer of seller; and any defect thereof may result in devaluation of the Participating Product. Therefore, the buyer shall ensure the package of the returned Participating Product is full and intact. In terms of packaging with special value, design, material and/or functions, buyer and or his or her courier shall handle in accordance with the requirement about product protection and packaging specified by the seller upon transaction. (1) Standards of intactness for regular package: There is no missing part in the original package, and the outline and structure of the package is complete. However, unavoidable changes in form resulting from transportation and unpacking, including, but not limited to, moderate deformation, stain and partial damage, shall not be identified as affecting the intactness of the regular package. (2) Standards of intactness of special package: If the package is with value added part, such as an anti-counterfeiting feature, special design or function, memorable and commemorative value, the seller may make requirements on special protection of the package to the buyer. Where there is reasonable package protection requirements prominently and explicitly specified by the seller, the buyer shall protect the package proactively and carefully. If the damage of such package results in devaluation or loss of function, the Product will be identified as devaluated and deemed as defective and not in line with the standard of intactness. Where the seller makes requirement about protection of special packages, however not in a prominent and explicit way, the standards of intactness for regular package shall apply. Where the package does not contain any special value added parts as mentioned above, the standards of intactness for regular package shall apply.

Section 4

Loss or damage of gift and loss of invoice shall not affect the return of Participating Product. However, for damage or loss of gift, a deduction from the refund shall be made based on the gift’s market price; for loss of invoice, the buyer shall bear the corresponding tax.

Section 5

If the seller offers free shipping at the time of purchase, the buyer shall bear the cost of returning the Participating Product to local return warehouse (“Cost of Return”) when applying for the Service. In addition to the Cost of Return, the buyer shall bear the cost of shipping Participating Product by seller to him or her, if the Participating Product is subject to conditional free shipping and the buyer’s partial return results in nonsatisfaction of the free shipping conditions. USUKSHOP shall deduct shipment costs borne by the buyer on behalf of seller from the refund payable to the buyer. Where USUKSHOP determines, at its sole discretion, that the buyer has abused its rights by repeatedly applying for the Services or showing a high rate for orders applying for the Service, the buyer shall bear all shipping costs, and USUKSHOP shall be entitled to deduct all shipping costs from the refund and may deny the same buyer’s eligibility of the Service.

Section 6

Whether a product is a “Participating Product” with the Service offer shall be determined by whether such product bear a "Local Return" banner.

Section 7

Under either of following circumstances, the seller will be exempted from obligation of Services and/or provide the refund (unless otherwise required by applicable laws or the USUKSHOP rules): (1) Fraud on the part of the buyer; (2) Wars, military actions, terrorist events, strikes, riots, theft, robbery; (3) Confiscation by relevant government authorities; (4) Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation, radioactive or any other form of contamination; (5) Natural disasters including, but not limited to, earthquakes, lightning strokes, fires, explosions, storms, floods, typhoons; (6) Improper conduct of the buyer in violation of the instructions; (7) Natural consumption or wear and tear of the product; (8) Product recall; (9) External causes during transportation or storage; and (10) Defects unable to be detected with the technology in domestic market at the time of manufacture.

Section 8

Under the Service, the Seller shall not be responsible for losses and costs of the following products (unless otherwise required by applicable laws or USUKSHOP rules): (1)Quality issues of a product have been acknowledged and accepted by the buyer; (2)Products are sold after the seller has been suspended, closed down or bankrupted.

Section 9

These Rules shall take effect on Feb 20th, 2019. However USUHOKSP is entitled to amend these Rules at any time by posting the relevant amended and restated Rules on USUHOKSP.COM, without further notice to Buyers; by continuing to purchase a Participating Product and/or use the Service, users agree that the amended Rules will apply.

Section 10

These Rules are governed, interpreted and enforced by the laws of BD, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Any and all legal actions, claims or proceedings arising out of, or in connection with this Promotion must be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in BD.

Section 11

These Rules are published in English and multiple languages. In case of any discrepancy between different language versions, the English one shall prevail.

usukshop about “Refunds”

How can I get a refund ?

- Paid with Master Card/Visa Card The money will be refunded to original payment card. It usually takes around 10-30 business days for the money to arrive. - Paid with Bank Transfer/Email Transfer/Payonee/Perfect Money/Alipay/Payeer/ Neteller/QIWI/Yandex Money/Advcash To get your refund, use USUKSHOP registered email to get refunded.


If the refund application time is 90 days after the payment time, the refund is unable to be processed to you at this stage due to the refund restrictions from USUKSHOP.(Email & Phone number Transfer cost 5%$ and Master Card & Visa Card Transfer cost 5%+5$ )

Why does it show that a refund is being processed after my order cancellation?

It means your refund is currently being processed for you. Normally, it takes about 3-20 working days to receive it in your bank account. Please wait patiently for the refund.

How do I get a refund by Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard?

You will receive your refund on the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard. It usually takes around 3-30 business days for the money to arrive.It normally takes 3-30 business days for refunds to be processed.If the refund status is marked as “Complete”, but you can’t find the payment in your bank account, please contact our Customer Service Team.

I have not received my refund on my credit card yet. What can I do?

If you paid with a credit card, the money will be refunded to your card. It usually takes around 3-20 business days for the money to arrive.If the refund process is marked "complete" but it looks like you did not get your money back yet, please check your bank account first. Some refunds are booked on the date of the purchase. For example a customer paid for his order on January 15. He applied for a refund 2 months later. However, the bank showed the refund on the same date as his purchase.If after carefully checking your bank statement you still cannot find your refund, please contact our customer service team. Note: 1. The bank statement should have an official stamp. 2. Please provide a bank statement from 2 days before the purchase date until 10 business days after the (completed) refund date. For example, if you paid for an order on November 11 and your refund was completed on November 24, please send us the bank statement that shows payments from November 9 - December 8. 3. Mark the purchase of the specific order in your bank statement so that it easy for us to find.

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